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We are developing diagrammatic systems. A new generation of learning systems.

As opposed to textual content, like formulae, these new systems constitute visual languages. Such languages build upon grammars like other languages. However, instead of alphanumeric symbols geometric entities are employed. Their concatenations form the words of these visual languages.

In this way, complex mathematical relations are mapped onto visual structures, which are more easily comprehensible than formulae. They entail a new and rich mental conception in the mind of the student.

Until now, diagramware investigated such visual languages for set theory, logic, and probability theory.

Lerning-App: P(X)


P(X) is an app that introduces a visual language for probability theory. Its strength is the diagrammatic display of mathematical knowledge. This requires much space. While a smartphone display is too small, this app has been developed for the iPad.

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Mathematik in Strichen

An alternative textbook

Dr. Björn Gottfried, the founder of diagramware, has written a textbook on the introduction to probability theory. It presents a diagrammatic language explaining the foundations of probability theory and statistics.

It is the first diagrammatic textbook of its kind and therefore differs from all established textbooks. It is particularly suitable for self-study because of the visual structure of this approach.

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